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What is a Care Plan?

What is a Care Plan?

How do you combine care plans from multiple assessments? First let’s look at what is a care plan. After the initial assessment information is gathered from multiple assessments, a comprehensive list of the client’s problems and interventions should be generated. This list is called a care plan.

A care plan is a strategy to repair the holes in your clients’ web or safety net. Your client is experiencing problems because the web of support or his or her own functioning has deficits or holes. The care plan suggests a way to repair those holes by recommending the right services at the right time for the right amount of money. As I have mentioned many times, you are Charlotte, the crafty spider from Charlotte’s Web, using the large continuum of care in your community to recommend ways to repair holes in the older person’s personal web. But Charlotte is spinning multiple threads, much like the Internet. More about basic care plans next blog.


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