Cathy Cress

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Cathy Cress MSW is a well-known authority in midlife siblings, baby boomers, and the aging family. Cress is the leading national expert in Geriatric Care Management. The author of Handbook of Geriatric Care Management, Jones and Bartlett 2011, the book now in its third edition and known as the bible of geriatric care management. An esteemed teacher and lecturer, Cress has taught at UC Berkeley, Stanford, University of Florida, San Francisco State University and numerous other universities and colleges. A sought after speaker, she has presented over 50 workshops all over the US. Ms. Cress is a prolific writer on aging, midlife sibling, aging dysfunctional families and geriatric care .She has published 6 books and over 30 articles in journals like Aging International, Contemporary Gerontology and ASA Health and Aging Network News. Cressí latest contribution to the field of aging is My Geriatric Care Management Operation manual.